‘Trust Your Intuition’ is one of the biggest myths out there. Why?

    1. We all have biases & blindspots, therefore we will always see through THOSE filters (perceptions)
    2. People tend to be TOO trusting or not trusting enough; & base intuition on those extremes
    3. If you have no experience in a field, you have NO intuition on it, because…
    4. Intuition is knowledge & experience built over many years
    5. It is OFTEN an excuse for not enough DD, research & planning

The saying ‘go with your intuition’ is lazy. The people that follow this rule are missing out on research, due diligence, and are often using it as excuse for rushing things and not being thorough.

Our intuition is also our bias which is a reflection of our environment, upbringing and previous experiences.

Here is a summary of this episode:

Reading people is different from reading business models and if you get a funny feeling that you cannot put your finger on with someone, then you should still think about that.

You can only really trust your intuition when you have got decades of experience in the field. Instinctive feelings are made up from all of your experiences which lie in your brain and constantly feed you quick information.

“I want a mentor that when I am doing something stupid will flipping well tell me and not sugar coat it.”

“Have you ever said to yourself ‘I am going with my gut’? When in reality, you just didn’t do research.”

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