Your Brand is Your Profit: 12 essential elements of Brand building


Are you struggling to gain visibility and credibility, establish the right positioning for you and your business, and build high margin revenue?If so, it’s very probable your Brand is at fault. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or professional property investor, you need to attract the right audience to you. As well as attracting attention, […]

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7 reason why you need a mentor


Mentors. Everyone needs them, they have been through what you are going through and know how to overcome the problems. But most people starting out start without having a mentor. Mentors are very valuable, they have spent their time perfecting their craft and have an abundance of information and experience that you would find helpful. […]

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8 tips to develop your personal brand

Building your “Personal Brand” is a buzz-word of the new interconnected social media age. There are new Instagram and YouTube celebrities. There are bands who became famous without record labels through online media. Individuals are getting huge sponsorship deals thanks to their millions of Facebook likes or Twitter followers. Whist not everyone has the followers […]

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