In 2021, there are opportunities in business that simply can’t be missed. There are also a few side roads that everyone needs to avoid like the plague! Opportunities are what keeps the blood pumping in any business, but we should always recognise the power of saying no to the chances that can hold us back.

Online business models, eCommerce concerns and the companies that profit from the free flow of information are huge as they require no costly premises in order to maintain and grow. The antithesis of this, of course, is the high street model, which has seen a huge decline due to the impact of lockdown.

As we move out of lockdown, experiences will be huge. Society has been closed off for a long time, and so any chance to reconnect, to fortify and re-nourish the soul will be in huge demand. There’s also an incredible pent-up demand for the cultural benefits that the entertainment sector can provide. Divisions such as cinemas, theatres, live shows and concerts are expected to see a surge in popularity. Community, connection, experience, education and entertainment based upon the exchange of information and ideas are all expected to see a boom.

Walt Disney once advised to “Look at the masses, and do the opposite”, and this holds true for more traditional business routes. For instance, during the last recession, those who came out stronger were not the ones who sold in a panic, but went against the tide and bought from those feeling a sense of terror, allowing them to build impressive portfolios that have since regained, and in many cases, multiplied their original values.

In the wake of lockdown, there is a similar atmosphere of fear, but there are benefits hat many are not yet recognising. Having had no opportunities for travel, many businesses and individuals find themselves with an unused savings pot. Billions are being held in latent savings. If we can encourage people to feel less fear – if we are able to demonstrate opportunity – then our products and services could sell very well.

Never discount the value in going bigger! Lockdown has provided a marvellous opportunity for businesses to grow their reach by looking to a more global strategy. If we dare to disrupt, then we amplify our potential to make change. As the dust of lockdown settles, the global business landscape will look vastly different, having been embraced and energised by businesses that dared to disrupt and spread their wings.

A global reach has never been easier in the wake of such successes as the Clubhouse social media innovation. Companies and individuals who were perhaps limited in their reach are now seeing widespread acceptance on a global scale by daring to snatch the opportunities afforded by this invaluable way of making one’s message heard.

The wisest minds on the network are the ones who have recognised not just the benefits of Clubhouse but also the limitations. Identify that offerings you have that cannot be distributed on the platform, and use the promise of these offerings to drive a newfound audience towards other channels.

Opportunity is all about mindset. We can look at them as they sail by and convince ourselves that we did the right thing in letting it go. Or we can grab at them, reap the benefits, and even if this effect is temporary, enjoy the rewards that our bravery brought. Those who embrace this concept are the ones we look to for inspiration, motivation and mentorship.

It is worth noting that we all miss out on the opportunities that can send us skyward from time to time. A great example is Nolan Bushnell, who was famously offered a 50% stake in Apple for the sum of $50,000, but turned it down. Today that stake would be worth half a trillion dollars. But we cannot spend our lives in regret. Make your peace and look forwards, not back at what could have been. We can maximise our chances to take these opportunities by following a sound piece of advice – The definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

We have to be mentally prepared to take a leap. We have to have the means at our disposal to grab at a chance when it arises.

Be prepared. Be focussed. Be ready. Opportunities are incoming…

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