Progressive Success has a large community of students who are achieving outstanding results and reaching their goals through Progressive Success trainings, mentorship and support. Many from a standing start, many with little previous knowledge or experience and their own personal challenges to overcome. You may be able to relate to many of them.

Over $200k+ in Sales

I saw other people sharing their successes, so I thought I'll join in on it too. I've been selling for almost two years now. It's been a hell of a ride from the beginning, but I can see potential this year. Sales are from the 1st of January 2016. Really looking forward to Holiday Season sales. Plan is to hit over $200k+ in sales by the end of the year, which I believe is more than possible. Good luck to everyone and keep at it. That's the only way you will make it.
- Ramunas Micuta


You are awesome! You have really inspired me to take the first steps in my E-Commerce & Public Speaker journey after I saw you at the Mobile Lifestyle Summit in July.
- Sue Pownall

Great Course

This might not be the right place to post this, but I had a great day at the first Expert Speaker Academy day yesterday. Thanks for putting on a great day! I always come away with more knowledge, motivation and skill.
- Chris Hector

GBP £1,384.67, 24 Units Today!

So I guess I should post something after my best day ever. Thanks to all those who have helped me on my journey. Still got a long way to go still.
- Ryan Brown


Just bought "Life Leverage". I've listened to the audio version quite a few times and I recommend to anyone who wants to make life better. Great stuff, thank you!
- Argemiro Lazarini

Great Experience

Well organised event, friendly and professional staff. Speaker on stage was very good and shared a lot of valuable information
- Sam Anderson

Wicked day

Wicked day today at the public speaking course!!Really nerve racking and given me a whole new appreciation for how good these lot really are at speaking, its bloody hard!
- Jack Wicks

It’s been great!

Day 2 of the Podcast Media Masterclass. I was a bit apprehensive of spending the full 2 days here in Peterborough as there’s been a lot of information already made available in the webinars in lead up to the course so I wasn’t sure how much more I’d gain. But, it’s been great! Rob has delivered most of it, way more content than in the webinars, definitely recommend this to anyone who’s thinking of starting a podcast. Thanks Rob, looking forward to working with you.
- Stephen Masters

Fantastic content

Fantastic content, detailed & candid delivery with lots of personality. Fantastic learning points along with meeting some great new contacts.
- Ian Vickers


Wow! Had a fantastic weekend, met amazing people and learned loads! I really do feel that Sunday was the first day of the rest of my life and I'm going to make the most of it!
- Jenny Lowe

Public Speaking Training

Last week I attended Public Speaking Training at Progressive Success. Prior to going I was nervous as it's something that I have never been able to understand in terms of how to get into the right mindset and not feel horrifically nervous prior to standing in front of people, but I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience it as it was so much fun and everybody was really lovely. It was reassuring to see I wasn't the only one who felt like this but also good to begin solutions to positive mindset and having a good system in place!
- kaydey Hardy

Loving the Christmas sales!

Loving the Christmas sales! Almost hit £10k this week across Europe. I’m not sharing to show off (although I am excited!) but I know posts like this motivated me when I was looking for my first product. It is almost six months since my first order of 60 units went live on Amazon. I am a mother of three young children aged 1,4 and 6 and also mid way through a commercial conversion project and building my own house so it is very possible to do this part time!
- Jo Coulson

A huge thank you

So I’ve completed the week expert speaker course and not only have I managed to complete two 29 minutes talks and a sales process today with no notes I’ve also learned a lot more about myself and my mindset and the personal traits that I allow to hold me back. A huge thank you to the amazing Steeve Lamontagne and Robert Upright for the support and inspiring teaching methods and taking me on this fantastic journey. Thanks for Den Hedges and Josh Shaw for their encouragement and making it happen for me, You may have unleashed a beast though turns out I quite like being centre of attention! And what a fantastic group of people who also attended the course who are supportive and stars in their own rights for what they achieved this week.
- Grant Spillman

Amazing team

It’s been a long day today at the Media Marketing Mastermind at Progressive and was feeling stiff sitting on the normal chairs and the amazing team here are so caring that they have moved the sofa into the room so that I can be more comfortable.
- Kal Kandola

Amazing Experience

AMAZING experience on the Public Speaking course yesterday, I have definitely found something I can see myself doing. If you lack confidence or are just a little shy, JUST DO IT (as Nike would say). Thanks!
- Tom Hendo

Thoroughly inspired

Thoroughly inspired and a bit scared, but mostly excited after an exceptional 3 days training at Progressive Branding & Marketing Masterclass! Thanks so much to the humble but brilliant and very engaging speakers, Rob Moore, Dillon Dhanecha and the awesome team Thom Luter, Nick Hillson, Josh and Tom for imparting so much amazing knowledge!! Thanks to the whole back up team, Harry, Felicity, Jo. Meet up with all you wonderful people too!! Lots of fun!Grateful to have the time to reflect on what’s most meaningful to me, how to help others in business & life and how to take what I’m doing to a whole new level!
- Sally Kember

Thoroughly Enjoyable

Thoroughly enjoyed this weekend learning about E-Commerce business and cannot wait to get started...
- Louise Fordham

Just wanted to say a huge thank you

ust wanted to say a huge thank you to all the support I have had from this group and the 3 day course I went on last year. I got my first sale on Amazon this week. I also want to say to those on the journey keep going it can be done! I had days where I got frustrated, fed up but there are so many great days of learning and moving forward. It takes dedication, be willing to learn and a have clear vision of what you want to create and why you get up and do it every day. I have built this up in the last few months as a new mum working it alongside my other self employed role it can be done whatever you have going on even if its a small amount everyday. Wishing everyone success where ever you are on your journey
- Katie Ekanayake

First organic £1,000 day

First organic £1,000 day - all full price sales and no giveaways. I am sharing this not to impress, but to impress upon the group that if we can do this, with seriously limited time, anyone can. Just follow the system, do not give up, put up with the short-term late nights, don’t let the frustrations with dealing with suppliers in one place and designers in another make you throw in the towel, do your research, do the Alliance Jobs, use the Press Release tools, trust in the review companies to give you the spike in sales you need to get ahead and when do hit hurdles, remember why you did this. This has the genuine potential to be a life changing business, so knuckle down and let’s all make s**t happen!
- James Burtt

The simple answer is YES!

Should you do the Amazon course at Progressive? The simple answer is YES! Follow the receipe and you’ll make the cake.
- Simon Barros

Fantastic month with Amazon

Blessed to have had such a fantastic month with Amazon selling mainly arbitrage (buying low and selling high) If you are not on to this, then why not? What is stopping you? 30 days sales now up over £7000. I have posted my journey to encourage you to get started. Don’t let life get in the way. You get in the way of life. You all know what happens now- sales, sales and more sales - everywhere. Let’s remember, everyone has yet to spend their Amazon vouchers that they get for Christmas!
- Lorna Bover

Akaash Singh

Completed my ESR training on Friday! Buzzing to get some gigs booked to get that practise in! Really looking forward to the academy in 2 weeks time too!Thank you Steeve & Peter for an amazing week and to the group! Very excited about the next 6 months!
- Thank you

Thank you Progressive

Just thought I’d post a quick thank you to Isabella, Harry and the Progressive Podcast team for a great hand over of the editing, hosting management and show notes production of my weekly podcast. They took the time to understand and learn how I’ve been putting the show together and worked with me so that it was a smooth and effective transition - fantastic job all! The next 9 episode recordings will be on their way over to you shortly.
- Phil Burgess

A brilliant first day

What a brilliant first day at PP HQ for the 2 day course being thought by Mr. Moore. I now have confirmed the concept and title for my podcast, plus I bought the domains today (thought I might as well), so now it’s time to sleep and recharge my very full and excited brain, ready for tomorrow’s lessons: marketing and monetising my podcast.
- Steph Bell

I’ve enjoyed it

Today I spent the day at Progressive Towers on a Brand & Marketing Masterclass. I love these two topics and I’m fascinated by the success of big business, so I knew I’d get loads out of the 3 days, but still, hours of travel and being away from my small person for 3 nights meant my expectations for this course were very high. I’m pleased to say I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far.
- Vicki Peers


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