3 Fastest Ways to Earn £10k/Month

3 fastest ways to earn £10K/month. £10K recurring income. £10K passive income.

Where you used to need £3K per month to survive, you now need £5K per month. When you used to need £5K per month to live comfortably you now need £10K per month. 

Massive taxation, massive inflation, soaring interest rate rises, massive government debt.

The new £5K per month is now £10K per month. £10K per month now needs to be your minimum monthly income if you want to have a half comfortable life. 

I’m Rob Moore, Co-Founder of Progressive Success and I’m going to tell you about the 3 fastest ways to £10K net per month recurring, passive, residual income.

  1. Content: I made around £15K in the last 3 days on my YouTube channel. I got paid 6 figures up front - $130,000 from 1 sponsor for my podcast. You can now get creator funds on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and LinkedIn. You can monetise your content. I get paid thousands per month just for doing Facebook Lives.

    First step is putting your content out there. Start now and get perfect later. Don't worry if you don’t have loads of followers, or if your niche is the right niche, just start expressing yourself and documenting your journey. As you build your following the monetisation tools and features will turn themselves on and be offered to you, you’ll get your own Account Managers for all the channels and you can start monetising from YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

    Are you putting yourself out there enough? The answer is probably not.

  2. Courses: You only need to sell 10 courses per month at £1K and that gives you £10K/month. You can package whatever you know, love and would love to teach into a course. It can even be online. The minimum I charge for an online course is £1K. My courses range from £1K all the way up to £40K.

    You need to be able to back up the price of your courses with value. But if you sell 10 courses per month at £1K or 5 courses per month at £2K then you’re a £10K per month business. This income is not fully passive or recurring, but it can be if you build the systems and processes and ensure the marketing and lead generation is more passive and recurring.

    Are you turning your passion into your profession? Your content into cashflow? Are you monetising your mission and message? Turning your passion into profit?

    This is one of the best business models out there. It has extremely low overheads, you’ve got no costs with really high margins. You can do it from anywhere in the world. Even if you don’t have much money to start.

  3. Continuity: This can also be known as subscription or membership. My membership site Rob.team is fast approaching 10,000 members and is making £50K per month recurring income, so that is £600K per year. I only charge £6 per month (including tax). Because of the scale of volume, I have 10,000 monthly members and lots of little payments obviously adds up to a lot.

    You can start your own membership site just like Rob.team discussing your passion, expertise and knowledge and turn it into recurring monthly income.

That’s 3 simple, fast, relatively low cost ways to build £10K per month. This needs to be your minimum target based on inflation, taxation and government debt. 

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