Being rich is the main goal for a lot of people. But what a lot of people don’t realise is there is something way more important than simply the accumulation of ‘riches’.

This might sound bizarre. Or an alien concept.

So let me explain...

Money is simply a tool that enables you to do great things – or bad things.

The unfortunate aspect is many people give up so much else in life in order to acquire large sums of money...

All you need to do is turn on the TV or read the newspaper and you will see a lot of ‘rich fools’. They will have tons of money but no happiness, have alcohol & drug problems and leave behind them a string of broken relationships...

These people might be rich, but not wealthy.

Rich people are people with lots of money. Wealthy people are people who are rich in life (see the difference?)

You see getting rich is easy. It’s a discipline that anyone can do if they choose: spend less than you earn, live a frugal life, bank more than you spend, invest in an ISA or a high interest bearing investment.

Do this over a long period of time and you will become rich..

Being wealthy? That’s a different animal altogether. Most people give up some wealth to acquire riches. They sacrifice their families, their health or their relationships.
Every moment they spend in their pursuit of money is a moment taken from something that would make them wealthy in life...

Here are 3 of my top reasons why I believe I (and you) MUST be wealthy. Not a nice to have, a HAVE to have:

The wealthy live longer and healthier

Well - being alive is pretty much a prerequisite for the human experience, so having more time on the planet should generally be something you should aim for and should be right up there on your list.

You see people with true wealth live a great deal longer than the rich or their poorer fellow counterpart.

Wealth and money buys you time. Wealth and money buy you more time to have more money and more wealth.

Now of course it's not the money in itself, but the lifestyle money can afford you. And make no mistake, the future, whatever it may turn out to be, will be expensive!

So from better nutrition to better (often private) health care, life extension technologies currently reserved for Hollywood celebrities, having less survival stress and a more balanced life, money is one of the most important ingredients to a long and happy life.

I don't even want to go down the doom and gloom predictions about your pension or the lack of a pension pot, just pick up one of the tabloids and you can fill yourself full of the doom.
You might be hanging around this planet for a good few years, so make sure it's a pleasant stay, and take control of your own pension, now. Draw it when you want, at whatever age you want, or take it all.

But make sure you have choice and are not waiting for handouts.

The rising cost of living expenses and future lifestyle

The best way to protect yourself from high inflation, ever increasing living costs, financial stress and the ever growing gap between the rich and the poor, is to be wealthy!

Life becomes far simpler when you don’t have to look at the price tag of things. Things become faster, more accessible, more convenient and more enjoyable the more affordability you have.

Imagine you are earning currently £100k a year and have a comfortable life, what if you earned 10x, £1m a year, would daily life suddenly appear cheaper?

Of course it would. I remember driving for miles to save 1p on petrol. It's now been a while since I checked or was worried by the news of petrol prices going up.

But the bad news for the poor is that it is getting harder and harder just to survive. High inflation and increased niching and competition is pushing prices of general and essential items up.

The best way to combat this is to push your Wealth up faster and higher.

The connection between wealth and happiness

Money is indeed named one of the primary reasons for the collapse of marriages and other long-term relationships.

You see, love can even be eroded if the pressures of lack of money or money without true wealth keep undermining the self-respect and ability to enjoy life.

Money and happiness are not connected or related anymore, which simply means you have to create true wealth to be fulfilled and not just accumulate money or be rich.

From my own experience I can only testify that I felt stressed, angry, embarrassed and trapped with a distinct lack of choice and freedom when I was fighting to stay afloat.

I had to work harder and longer to make the same money each year, and that pushed the family apart.

I could hardly them what they needed, so their quality of life diminished, and then either they blamed me, or I felt guilt and shame that they would be blaming me - either way it lead to the same outcome.

And that would in turn cause arguments, truth-withholding, and the embarrassment and shame would manifest in blame and anger; creating more of the same and driving a wedge between relationships.

I wonder how different it would have been had I had Wealth back then...

So let me ask you a quick question: Are you on the fast road to riches? Or are you on the long-track towards true happiness and wealth?

Are you on the path to long term financial freedom, happiness and living an abundant lifestyle? I hope so as that’s certainly part of being wealthy inside and out.

Are you surrounding yourself with love, with those who are the closest and times creating new memories? I hope so! The last thing you want to be is the richest man in the graveyard.

The grim reaper doesn’t need your money and he certainly can’t be bought with yours either!

Are you living a wealthy lifestyle physically? I hope so because if you don’t have enough gas in the tank no amount of money will resurrect you from your deathbed.

Are you taking care of your emotional state? I hope so because when things get tough it will be the internal willpower that will aid you to get back on track to live a peaceful and abundant lifestyle.

All in all, your goal should be to become wealthy - inside and out. Being rich is too low of a goal which excludes soul, spirit, body and the deeper and meaningful relationships with my loved ones.

How about you my friend? Will you be rich or wealthy?