Making money by selling products on Amazon Marketplace is quicker and simpler than you might think. More importantly, it doesn’t come from a get-rich quick scheme or an idea that is going to evaporate in a short while: it comes from plans that can help you form a stable, sustainable business.

The high street has been dying for years, and while there are others colluding against it, Amazon will be the one to pull the trigger. We are living in an Ecommerce boom, so here are a few facts and figures for you: it is predicted that by 2020, $4 trillion will be sold in Ecommerce sales.

Amazon has 244 million active customers worldwide, and 44% of online shoppers go directly to Amazon before even a Google search. In 2016, Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), which sees Amazon packing and shipping items sold on Amazon Marketplace, sold 2 billion items.
Not $2 billion pounds’ worth of items – 2 billion items.

Ask yourself: isn’t it about time you found a way to get the world’s biggest online retailer to help make you a fortune?

How to start – 4 steps to success

At Progressive Success, as well as our training programmes, we have developed a 4-step, proven strategy that encourages you to become a third-party seller on Amazon Marketplace. Our guide takes you through the steps from your first sale to making thousands of pounds every month.

1.  Find a product

Pick a category of item that you enjoy using, discussing, and are interested in. Are you a fan of gardening? Homeware? Beauty? Pets? Any of these (and many more) have great potential to provide you with a product that you can successfully sell on Amazon Marketplace.

If the item you select is small enough to fit in a shoe box, you will increase the likelihood that your product will succeed on the Amazon marketplace, due to postage options. You will also want to sell a product that sells for between £15 and £40. Amazon asks for 25% of the retail price, so if you want to hit that predicted £10,000, you want to be selling your product for 4 times the amount you paid for it. Buy for £5, sell for £20. Buy for £10, sell for £40.

2. Find your manufacturer

You may be surprised to learn how many big-name brands sell the EXACT SAME PRODUCT as a smaller company, but with their big, reputable brand name attached to it and a much larger price tag.

A smart way to source a cheaper purchase price for a quality product is to Google search “[product you want] + [private label]”. The website is fantastic for discovering worldwide, cheaper manufacturers.

Once you source a company that you want to deal with, make sure that you sound like you are already an established business when contacting them!

3. Optimise your product listing

While this may sound like a complex process to anyone who hasn’t yet done so, Amazon offers an easy-to-use template for creating an effective product listing.

For your title, you will want to be specific, and research the sorts of features that a buyer is likely to find most appealing or search for when it comes to your product, using these key terms. You will also want to add pictures, and not just static images – be creative! Use pictures of the product being used, in motion, and filled with colour if you can. You will also want to list your product’s features and write an appealing description.

4. Drive traffic to your listing

Once again, while this may sound intimidating, Amazon aims to make the process as simple as possible. Amazon wants you to sell your product just as much as you want customers to buy it, so Amazon allows you to run an automatic advertising campaign, which is more than sufficient for attracting customers.

How long will it take?

In just 3 months, if you follow our guide and proven strategy, you could be selling £10,000 of products per month. While you will start off just selling 1 or 2 products per day, your 3rd month is more likely to look something like this:
1 x 19 x 18 x 30 = 10,260<

That translates into 1 product, £19 profit, 18 products sold per day (by month 3), and 30 days in a month – making over £10k of profit!

Once you have achieved this successfully, why wouldn’t you want to add a second product and double it, or yet another a triple it?

What do you require to succeed?

This is the simplest part: all you need is the ability to follow the proven system as described in our guides and training programmes, as well as the desire and motivation to improve your life.

Progressive Success taught Paul the proven system, and now he buys products from China and sells them on Amazon in the United States for great profits. Paul has never been to China, and while he has visited the USA on holiday, he has never worked there. Through Amazon, Paul can also sell his products to Mexico, Canada, and even further, with the tempting option to expand into the UK and sell across Europe.

Like Paul, when you sell on the Amazon Marketplace you can do so while based anywhere in the world. Living a “laptop lifestyle”, you can operate your business while you holiday in the Caribbean or in a cocktail bar in New York.

For more information about selling on Amazon, as well as a more detailed breakdown of the proven systems you can use to make £1,000s every month, visit the Progressive Success Facebook page here or look into the Progressive Success training programmes.