Build 6 – 7 figure automated sellable online business

You will learn techniques and tools to be able to build a 6–7 figure automated sellable online business partnering with Amazon in the next 18 months.

Boost your Amazon(TM) rankings

After this training you will have the knowledge to count yourself among Amazon(TM) ranks and create a future where you can enjoy huge financial rewards


Interested in attending the next Social Media Discovery Event?

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover at the event:

  • How to choose your market and pick a winning first product, making you a great profit on every sale! (plus receive our "50 Product examples" PDF when you attend the event)
  • How to find a friendly, professional supplier who's easy to work with, and how to order your first product at a great price
  • How to create high impact product images
  • How to create a high converting Amazon listing
  • How to get powerful reviews
  • How to promote your product and skyrocket your sales from 4 to 7 figures a year
  • How to systemize and outsource your Amazon business
  • How t build a 7 figure+ per year brand
  • How to get your product in front of 200 million people with credit cards who can "one-click-purchase" from you and get free shipping
  • How to do all of this without ever doing the shipping, customer service, or sales yourself. It's all taken care of for you

Social Media Discovery

We here at Progressive Success, along with our eCommerce expert trainers, invite you to join us at our Peterborough Training Academy, to discover how you can quickly and easily turn everyday products into a cashflowing business, that allows you to not only become financially free but also work when you want.

Social Media Discover is perfect for those who want to take the first steps to financial freedom.

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or an eCommerce pro!
Joining our eCommerce experts at this one-off seminar will fast track your results and allow you to profit from the ever growing market of online shopping!