Attending the Expert Speaker Discovery is possibly the fastest way to go from inexperienced speaker to a confident speaker.


During the event you’re taken by the hand and shown step-by-step the secrets to making memorable speeches which attract standing ovations. So afterwards you’ll be able to confidently speak. And boost your reputation as a speaker and be well-rewarded in the process.



You are awesome! You have really inspired me to take the first steps in my E-Commerce & Public Speaker journey after I saw you at the Mobile Lifestyle Summit in July.
- Sue Pownall

Great Course

This might not be the right place to post this, but I had a great day at the first Expert Speaker Academy day yesterday. Thanks for putting on a great day! I always come away with more knowledge, motivation and skill.
- Chris Hector


Just bought "Life Leverage". I've listened to the audio version quite a few times and I recommend to anyone who wants to make life better. Great stuff, thank you!
- Argemiro Lazarini

Interested in attending the next Expert Speaker Discovery event?

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover at the event:

  • 5 common mistakes to avoid when speaking. One of them is overfill people’s heads with data and facts.
  • When to speak for FREE… and still walk away with thousands of pounds.
  • Most lucrative type of speech to give. Allows you to build a massive speaking business.
  • The “exercise” secret that guarantees standing ovations. Not physical. Takes just minutes to do.
  • You need courage to speak, right? Wrong. Why courage is the least of your concerns. And what’s more important instead.
  • What the best speakers have that allows them to motivate, inspire and sell. Secret you can use too.
  • The hidden architecture of every speech you give. Just include these 7 parts in every speech
  • How to grab your audience’s attention immediately. Simply include one of these in the opening couple of minutes.
  • Speech starting to go wrong? Use this utilization technique. Allows you to recover control – without losing the audience.
  • Never forget your speech content with the Pentagon Content Model. Prevents any embarrassing pauses.
  • The “4 to 1 script” that allows you to emotionally connect with your audience. Presents you as a genuine, likeable person.
  • 6 things to always include in your speech. One of them is to make your speech memorable

Expert Speaker Discovery

The late Steve Jobs was terrified. He told his assistant he felt sick. And added with force, “I’m NOT kidding.” The reason for Steve’s discomfort?He was doing a presentation. And it was in his early days as a speaker. You see, he didn’t start his career as a supremely gifted speaker. In his early days he was stiff and grasped the speaker’s stand in front of him as he spoke. He read from notes. Yet, he later became one of the most astonishing speakers of our time. And you could too. These days, we’re sending tweets and using video chats via our gadgets to communicate with friends. We’re able to reach out to peers with an attention span as short as theirs, and that’s great, right? But are we able to get our message across to all kinds of audience?

What happens when we have innovative ideas that we need to pitch to people who can help us implement our plans? Can we think on our feet and give impromptu talks? Can we answer questions during an interview? When called upon, can we deliver a speech using the right vocabulary, gestures, voice, pace and speed? Do we have the self-confidence for public speaking?

The thing is there are so many things which are needed to be great at communicating. And getting the outcome we desire. Get it right and we rejoice. We get the deal, the finance, or our audience takes the action we want.
On the other hand, when we get it wrong, we miss out on that business deal or getting that joint venture partner. So take an important step towards becoming great at communicating!

This training is for you; if you’re a business owner who wants to convert more prospects into customers, if you need to raise finance from banks or potential joint venture partners, if you regularly speak to groups or audiences or if you’re already a speaker and you want to give more memorable presentations which inspire your audience.

If you use social media and want to write posts or make videos which galvanize people into responding in a certain way, if you want to be able to get your kids to get off the Play Station or return home by a certain time – without any confrontation or dissent.
If that is you then attending this training is probably a good idea. You do not want to miss this opportunity to take advantage of learning a system that has generated over £25m for Unlimited Success founders Rob Moore and Mark Homer and has also completely changed many lives.