Break through your business barriers and ceilings!

UK business is going through a survival of the fittest era

A looming recession, Brexit and tax increases threaten old school, brick & mortar businesses’ very survival.

Many good business with decades of experience, especially retail, will go under. But, there is a new breed of business that won’t just survive, but will thrive in these divisive times.



You are awesome! You have really inspired me to take the first steps in my E-Commerce & Public Speaker journey after I saw you at the Mobile Lifestyle Summit in July.
- Sue Pownall

Great Course

This might not be the right place to post this, but I had a great day at the first Expert Speaker Academy day yesterday. Thanks for putting on a great day! I always come away with more knowledge, motivation and skill.
- Chris Hector


Just bought "Life Leverage". I've listened to the audio version quite a few times and I recommend to anyone who wants to make life better. Great stuff, thank you!
- Argemiro Lazarini
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The 7 main ‘bottlenecks’ in starting and scaling any business from ‘start up to sell out’ are:

  • Getting started: idea into income
  • Dealing with working alone (no boss, no staff, no team); fully autonomy but often isolated
  • Your first 6 staff (in house or outsourced): going from hustling to managing
  • Chaos: the chaos of growing fast but everything breaking
  • 15 staff: going from managing to leading
  • Systems: going from chaos & breakages to order & scalability
  • Legacy: planning maturity, next generation, or exit
  • When you know these in advance, and how to breakthrough each stage, you have faster growth with less chaos and breakage. The 7 bottlenecks will be covered in detail at the next Business Breakthrough Summit.

Business Breakthrough Summit

Business Breakthrough Summit is designed to help you gain your start up or scale up business breakthroughs, to create multiple streams of leads and income for any business.

Increasing sales, low cost and free marketing, eCommerce, mastering social media and the new Business Breakthrough roadmap will all be covered to help you make more money in less time,
with more systems and leverage so you can do what you love and love what you do, turning your passion into your profession.