Are Entrepreneurs Driven or Greedy?

  Have you ever… Lent someone some funds because they needed it more than you, even if you thought you may not get it back?Sacrificed holidays and personal gratification to make sure your family, your staff or your suppliers have what they need?Borrowed for other people in need money you didn’t because it was the right thing to […]

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Life Leverage

Here is a sample chapter of my new book, “Life Leverage: How to get more done in less time, outsource everything & create a mobile lifestyle” Time Currency Time is the real, universal currency. Before money was exchanged in a ‘fiat’ system, and even before coins and precious metals when governments didn’t control the monetary system, […]

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Are you a Real Entrepreneur?

Do you have what it takes to be a real entrepreneur? Go ahead, ask yourself if you have the following traits. *Do you have a never ending passion? The type that consumes you to the point that you are thinking about it + working on it when you’re asleep? *Do you spawn great ideas? They […]

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Stop being Average

Don’t resign yourself to being average. And mediocre. Or a spectator in the game. You’ve been designed to win, designed to inspire and designed to wow.You see there are core distinctions between those who operate at average and those who aim for world-class.One of those is…. Iconic and wealthy admire other wealthy people. Poor and […]

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Be Wealthy—Inside and Out

Being rich is the main goal for a lot of people. But what a lot of people don’t realise is there is something way more important than simply the accumulation of ‘riches’. This might sound bizarre. Or an alien concept.So let me explain…Money is simply a tool that enables you to do great things – […]

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How To Be More Fun

Here’s some light hearted fun for you, as things can often get a bit serious, can’t they? In all the questions I get asked about wealth, property & making income, people often get so bogged down in trying so hard to succeed…They forget why they’re even doing it.And the ironic thing is, if they just lightened up a bit, […]

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