Entrepreneurial Qualities: 6 Considerations Before and During a Joint Venture (JV)

The world’s most successful 100 joint ventures (JVs) represent hundreds of billions of pounds’ worth of combined annual revenue, and demonstrate that finding a JV partner can change your entire business, both in outlook and results.JVs have the potential to benefit any entrepreneur’s bank account and portfolio, and while they are particularly common in the […]

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3 wealth-building lessons I learned from my dad … and one I avoid like the plague!

My dad was a colourful character. Throughout my childhood he embarrassed me endlessly and hauled my mum and I from far-off country to far-off country, but also laid the foundations of the knowledge I would need to generate a worthwhile and respectable income.When I was a child, dad was a consultant ex-pat who was always […]

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Using Social Media To Make Money

2016 saw social media truly change the world. Sharing of memes and online discussion is said to have directly influenced Donald Trump’s successful rise to presidency, trending topics gave an up-to-the-minute insight into what the world was interested in, and careers were built and demolished because of posts shared and images posted.Social media moving into […]

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The 5 Stage Life Leverage Hack Model

There are certain Life Leverage skills that give you maximum compounded benefits. You could call these Life Leverage hacks – extreme productivity for maximum time preservation. If you can turn much of your spending habits into investing habits, you will make 80/20 compounding work for you, save and make possibly hundreds of thousands or even millions, […]

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Debunking Money As The Root Of All Evil

I was recently running a course for one of my companies. And, weirdly someone totally flipped out about money! You can imagine the emotional riot the talk of ‘wealth’ and ‘riches’ causes in many people. I get the usual resistant responses (from poor people): “You can’t learn how to be rich; you’re born with it/into it, […]

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