Have you ever...

  • Lent someone some funds because they needed it more than you, even if you thought you may not get it back?
  • Sacrificed holidays and personal gratification to make sure your family, your staff or your suppliers have what they need?
  • Borrowed for other people in need money you didn’t because it was the right thing to do?

Well with this in mind....

...When was last time you turned on BBC and heard a positive story about Entrepreneurs or Investors doing good in the world?

When was the last time you heard somebody in the media or government or in education say, "We need to help and encourage Entrepreneurs, because they fund our economy, our employment, they pay for the private sector and build our communities?"

For all those who assume us Entrepreneurs are driven by greed and selfishness, allow us to share with you the results of a study we read from maverick Entrepreneur Perry Marshall [thank you], by the Centre
for Data Analysis and the Heritage Foundation [US]:

Charitable Giving by Household Income:

Income Class Entrepreneurs Non-Entrepreneurs

  • $65,480+ 3.23% 2.42%
  • $37,381-$65,480 3.47% 1.84%
  • $21,661-$37,380 3.29% 1.14%
  • $10,661-$21,660 2.25% 0.74%
  • $0-$10,660 1.55% 0.35%

Average 2.53% 1.27%
According to statistics, Entrepreneurs are twice as generous as everyone else. Especially those with low incomes [!]


Well it’s actually very simple.
Most people only understand lack. Entrepreneurs understand abundance.
Our experience of Entrepreneurs is that we look out for everybody else before we worry about ourselves:

Our families. Our suppliers. Our staff. Our customers. Our tenants.
We appreciate them. They are real people.

If you ever tapped up every resource or person to pay everyone, if you didn’t know how tomorrow's bills were going to be paid, then at least you had faith in Entrepreneurial dream, the power of service, belief, imagination and resourcefulness to find the solution.

This is how we all have the luxuries and necessities we take for granted everyday:

This computer you are reading from, the glasses you may be wearing, your health to live longer and happier...
Because somebody somewhere had faith in making things happen that had never been done before.

They dreamed and sweated and innovated and never gave in ten thousand times until their dream became a reality: believing in that which others said was impossible.

None of us can ever predict when or how solutions to painful, lingering problems manifest. We just have faith that it will.

We don't know what problem you face today, but we know that one of two things is true:

1. Someone somewhere has already solved the problem


2. The ability to solve it will find you

Most of all we want to praise you in pursuing your journey that most people never even have the courage to undertake.

When you find the success you’re looking for, you deserve it. No matter what they say.

The TV pedestal Celebrities and media moguls may not appreciate you, but we do.
We appreciate you and all that you are doing to be the best that you can be, and thank you for never giving in.