In-podcast ad revenue is expected to hit $1 billion by 2021! Get started now so that you can get a piece of the action. You don’t need much to get started. All you need is a podcasting laptop, a cardioid condenser microphone, a solid pair of headphones

Not sure if you should start your own podcast? Will it be worth your time? Do you have a message to share? How do you set up the equipment? Is it complicated? Will I be able to keep creating enough content? Will anyone listen to it? If you have ever asked any of these questions, or you are now, this article should give you clarity, and the steps to creating a great show and powerful brand around you.

1: It will help you connect with people one-on-one for more trickle down business 

If you take the time & care enough about your followers & customers to understand their challenges, obstacles, frustrations & pains, & then answer them through your work, you have instantly great rapport and highly relevant content. You either watch what they are saying that comes up frequently, or you engage in discussions, or you simply ask them, then give them the solutions. Of course, that does attract some extra work, of which not all of that is people saying, hey, here’s a load of money, Rob. Have it. But it’s hard to put a figure on it.

But I would say, certainly my podcasts have generated more than £3 million in trickled down revenue. I would say maybe, 250 messages a day I get incoming on my social media platforms now, all of them collated together roughly speaking. I would 10 to 20 percent of them are probably really good leads for my business. Maybe, 10 to 20 percent of them are just messages of gratitude or sharing stories of success. Thanks to my books and podcasts and everything else.

2: You can get the mainstream media talking about your business & go viral! 

The creator economy is here. The decentralisation of media control is now giving power to the individual creator. The vast social media platforms are competing for creators like you. They are rewarding you with many monetisation features and the new ones with reach and virality.

This one can really help you grow your following and get you in front of a bigger audience. So, if you comment on breaking news fast and newsjack it by commenting on it, sharing your opinion and linking it softly to your business or product or service you can spark a debate and go viral because it’s topical news everyone is reading about.

So, you can post this on LinkedIn or Clubhouse and get hundreds, thousands or even millions of views on breaking news stories. Social platforms love it when there is a debate in the comments because this is what drives engagement and your post will be pushed to more and more people which will help boost your following.

3: The more content the better for tracking engagement and number of followers & fans 

I used to think I would annoy people if I posted too much. Maybe I do a bit, but if I am not – I’m not posting enough. And because many social media platforms reduce your reach, many people may not even see your content. I went from one post a week, to 3 a week, to one a day, to three a day, & now I am looking towards 5 a day & more (& it gets easier & easier to create this content).

A lot of entrpenreurs and people just getting started in business struggling content, they’re worried about putting themselves out there and that no one will want to follow their journey but what’s I’ve learned is that if you’re even a bit scared you just need to do it.

4: Its good for SEO & Google rankings (you need to be on page 1 or you don’t exist)! 

Take your desired title or main keyword content, and do searches in Google & word tracker. Do lots of results come up, or not. You want to make posts that are popular that people are searching for, so a quick test can give you feedback if it is worth the time investment. You can also put your keyword(s) in and then look at the related searches to see if you discover better titles or material.

5: It’s cheap/low cost or even free to start 

Within 6 months of starting my Podcast I reached over 200,000 people, the potential is HUGE!

It’s one of the fastest growing media platforms in 2021. Now more people than ever are listening to podcasts! There are now over 15.6 million Podcast UK listeners. The number of podcasts globally hasn’t hit 1 million (800,000 podcasts existed at the end of 2019). Compare that number to over 600 million blogs which means that Podcasting isn’t a saturated market yet. I wish someone would have given me this info 3 years before I started my podcast the “Disruptive Entrepreneur”. I should have started it sooner, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know.. I hope this helps.

Joe Rogan got paid more than $100,000,000 by Spotify for the distribution rights of his podcast! I’m not telling you that you’ll get 9 digits for your podcast, but it’s inspiring nonetheless.

Podcasts are great for repurposing. Many podcasters record live streams on YouTube and other streaming platforms and use the audio from the video stream as a podcast.