The Progressive Christmas Combo Offer!

What is the offer?

2022 is fast  upon us, but we're not done with the year yet!

With price rises being forced upon us in 2022, we wanted to do one last offer to our amazing Progressive Community before everything goes up.

We are giving you the chance to not get some amazing deals on our online courses... 

Buy any 3 course, £2k (RRP 7.5K)
Buy any 6 courses, £3k (RRP 15k)
Buy All 11 courses, £5k (RRP 27.5k)

If you would struggle to get to Peterborough or London for our events, our online courses are perfect for you.

How Do I Secure My Package?

Let us know what package you would like and message us either by:

Send Rob an email at this email address: [email protected]
Call us on  01733 898 557 and speak to one of our friendly team members


If you Pay In Full on the day, you will receive a totally one off, 5 hour Mastermind with two of the top entrepreneurs in the UK, Jessen James & Rob Moore, founders of the Entrepreneurs Business School, which incudes:

Ask me Anything, nothing off the table, private Mastermind
How to build 8 figure companies from scratch; how to build 1mil+ followers on socials, how to create recurring income streams
Behind the scenes strategies & tactic to start & scale a business & build your authority
STRICTLY the first 35 people only !

So what is available?

Podcast Live Masterclass - Online

RRP £4,185 +VAT 

Start, scale and monetise your podcast.

Did you know that there are 12M podcast listeners in the UK and 108M in the USA? And audio podcast consumption has grown 25% year on year. This is THE way to reach and have an impact on a vast audience.

You will learn not only how to create a podcast but also how to scale up your content marketing, build your personal brand, be omnipresent and generate multiple sources of leads and income for your business.

Anyone can be successful with a podcast, as long as they learn from those who are already winning. 

You will discover how to:

- Create your podcast: what makes great content, presenting, interviewing, finding interesting guests etc.

- Produce your podcast: software, basic editing, feeds, platforms etc.

- Grow your podcast: marketing, launching, building an online community, leveraging influencers etc.

- Monetise your podcast: advertising, donations, selling products/services, repackage and repurpose content etc.

...and more!

Ecommerce Cashflow Masterclass - Online 

RRP £1,995 +VAT

eCommerce CashFlow Masterclass Online - Your Plug'n'Play Starter Kit to a £300 Billion Platform

This course will allow you to...

- Create a lifestyle you and your family deserve

- Learn from experts who have built businesses worth over £3 million in sales in just a few short years​

- Cash in on the World's Richest eCommerce platform & Learn how to make money while you sleep

- PLUS the chance to ask directly the questions you need to get your business making a life-changing profit

What you get:

- The full online eCommerce CashFlow Masterclass Online course - 3 days worth of content packed with learning, fun and the latest tips on how to start and grow your online business.

- How to Launch your Product at the top of Amazon search results & access UNLIMITED customer reviews using our after sales methods.

- AND; You will learn online with Amazon Pro-Sellers Phil Revitt & Kay Herdsman. They will share with you the strategies they use and the products they know sell well, earning them £1000's every month.

Entrepreneurs Business School - Online

RRP £5,580 +VAT 

Are you a business owner, manager or start up looking to grow and scale your business without the pain of doing it alone?

You don’t need to get yourself into debt by doing an MBA or 3 year long marketing/business degree. 

At the Entrepreneurs Business School, Jessen James will share with you the exact system he has developed to build multiple businesses and used to mentor and help thousands of entrepreneurs build six, seven and eight figure businesses with his business blueprint.  

You will discover:

- Understanding the fundamentals of business and creating your Business Blueprint

- Developing and creating products including intellectual property for sales presentations

- Marketing content, digital courses and defining your ideal client who will buy from you

- How to use funnels to grow your business online

- How to generate quality leads into your business

- Outsourcing, employment and growing your team: how to work less and get paid more

...and more!

7 Figure Subscription Masterclass - Online

RRP £4,185 +VAT 

The ultimate tool in creating Recurring Income for life. This virtual masterclass will take you to 5, to 6, to 7 figures

You will learn:

- Selecting your niche 

- The type of content & how much you have in your platform 

- (Leveraging other content creators for MCs & on-selling) 

- Ideal price points 

- How to set up  and monatise on Patreon (STEP by STEP)

- Multiple levels 

- Making it easy to join (landing page, smart URL) 

- Building your membership & revenue 

- Scripts for your offer/pitch (CBO, SBO) 

- Omni-presence

- Keeping engagement high 

P.S. Check out our Progressive Property offers below:

Rent2Rent - Online

RRP £2,195 +VAT

Do you want to invest in property using NONE of your own money? Sounds crazy right?! It’s not. 

You will learn how to create life changing income and build a successful property portfolio using none of your own money (even if you’ve got no deposit and a bad credit rating). Get the insider tips and techniques on how to attract a huge choice of investment partners and joint venture finance.

You will discover:

"What" properties work... and "Where"

How to source, Secure, Negotiate R2R Deals

All the knowledge YOU NEED to get started quickly & to build a "real" scalable business & generate a life-changing / job replacing income through property within 180 days!

- Discover how to make £1000+ PCM from properties that you don’t own… 

- Learn the marketing methods used to have unlimited deals coming to you rather than you looking for them.

...and more!

Serviced Accommodation - Online

RRP £2,297 +VAT

Make up to 500% more profit from single let properties and is THE HOTTEST property investment strategy right now. 

Last year, Airbnb UK hosts reportedly earned more than £225 million! Do you want a slice of that pie?

Learn the game changing techniques that are making property investors 10X the cash flow in half the time.

You will discover:

- Proven 5-step system to ensure success

- How to enjoy forward cashflow, no bad debt and no more tenant issues

- Where you should choose to do SA - Where is your SA ‘Goldmine Area’? 

- Who is your target market and what types of property work as SA?

- How to set up your business structure, including putting together your power team

- Managing your pricing and understanding your costs

- All the different acquisition methods: from R2SA to commercial conversion into SA

- Optimise your listings on, Airbnb and other sites

...and more!

Desktop Deal Packaging - Online

RRP £2297 +VAT

Create quicker cashflow selling on deals you don’t want, don’t have to buy, or simply raise cash and replace your income.

Learn money making strategies without mortgages, loans or debt and skyrocket your property business by learning how to package property deals to make them irresistible to investors.

You will discover:

- How to package deals in 9 ways and make at least £5K pcm 

- Tried and tested marketing strategies that work today in the current climate

- How to find the best deals direct to vendor

- How to generate so many leads that you’re guaranteed to do a deal

- How to value a property including a virtual tour and how to calculate a refurb project 

- How to build your own investor database and package up investors - live leads on the training

- All the systems and processes you need to give yourself time back 

- Setting up your Deal Packaging business, your power team, compliance, insurance, Property Ombudsman, business plan, building a database and finder’s fee

...and more!

Commercial Conversion Excellence - Online

RRP £2,297 +VAT

Would you like to turn old, run down, empty commercial properties into residential goldmines and have the opportunity to make HUGE money?

Believe it or not but commercial property conversions are the HOTTEST property strategy around - one that will make you 6-figures profits fast! In one commercial deal you can make what most investors struggle to make in 10 buy-to-let property deals.

You will discover:

- Why you want to convert commercial property to residential

- How you use Government legislation to shortcut planning

- What you need to look for and how to instantly assess if the project is viable

- How you fund your Commercial Conversions

- How you build your Power team to do the majority of the work for you

- How you design and convert the building

- Why now is the best time ever for you to learn this strategy. 

...and more!

Rent2Own - Online

RRP £1,997 +VAT

Rent2Own is groundbreaking in it's simplicity! 

It is exactly what it sounds like - rent a house to a tenant and every month on top of rent they give you extra to build up the deposit, until they are ready to buy at a determined point in time. 

This course is for any landlord or potential landlord, as you will learn how to create a great profit, steady paying tenants who will treat your property well and have less hassle as you don’t have to deal with maintenance. There are also no management fees, maintenance or voids, meaning more profit!

AND even if you are currently renting (or planning on renting) as you will learn how to get the keys of your dream home today and stop paying dead money on rent.

You will discover:

- How To get Houses for FREE 

- Winning Ways to Source Rent2Own Deals

- How to Find & Qualify an unlimited list of ideal Tenant Buyers

- Master Negotiation for Confidence, Success & £100,000’s

- Understand Option Agreements & Deal Structures

- Make HMO returns from Single Let Properties

- Make Single Let’s cash Flow in EVERY AREA

- Zero Maintenance & Management costs to Maximise Profits!

- All the knowledge You Need to get started quickly – and build a ‘real’ scalable business

- How You can replace your income in 3-6 months 

...and more!

Professional Property Investing Masterclass - SOLD OUT

RRP £2,297 +VAT

Learn how to go from a newbie or small time investor to a professional property investor. This is THE all-encompassing property education package.

If you want to completely turn your life around, commit to a future in multi-million pound property investment and get freedom, choice and profit from passive income - this is THE course for you.

You will discover:

- What TO buy and what NOT to buy for ongoing passive monthly cash flow

- How to leverage and how one strategy could allow you to quit your job to go part time within 30-90 days

- 7 low or no money down creative financing techniques

- 32 special advanced negotiation and 7 low cost deal marketing strategies

- 1:1 goldmine area training with an expert property investor

- The Progressive Property Deal Scrutiniser (worth £1,000) to quickly and reliably alert you to lucrative offers, as well as the duds that you should avoid

- How to scrutinise properties: property type, property value, rules for buying in a crash, property cycle and economy, tax, yield, systems, procedures and processes

- Interest only benefits: company or personal names on the deed, joint names on the title deeds, CGT & IHT strategies

- Remortgage vs cashflow strategy: mortgage and finance, mortgage products and options, how to deal with a mortgage broker, rental calculation competitions

- Refurbishment: fundamentals, refurb model, costing competition, spreadsheets and budgets, how to deal with tradesmen, costing analysis, investment strategy

- Investment strategies: cashflow, asset, build, hands-free, JV etc.

- No Money Down (NMD): BRR - buy, refurb, remortgage, DOT & MH-deeds of trust and mortgage hosting, CP- cash purchases, AMV & EDC - additional market value and exchange with delayed completion, JV - joint ventures, valuations

- Buying property and getting them revalued: relationship with the surveyor, packaging and instructing the broker, comparables and evidence, what to do on the day of revaluation

- Expert status: leafleting, newspaper ads, post carding, marketing and finding the bottom draw deals, estate agents, networking and word of mouth, online marketing, auctions, lead sellers/sources, deal case studies

...and more!

Profit From Auctions - Online

RRP £2,195 +VAT

Do you want to know the secrets to securing discount properties over and over again at auction? 

Learn the process of what to buy and what to avoid, all while ensuring good due diligence along the way.

Securing properties at auction is a strategy that all property investors need to master. It’s time for you to secure your place today and get some amazing added bonuses along with this online course.

AND as a bonus with this course, you will also receive our Probate Training Course as a 2-4-1!

You will discover:

- How to safely invest in properties at auction

- Professional property investors approach at auction

- How to identify a bargain and avoid a lemon

- Understanding auction terms

- Auction law

- The auction buying process

- Due diligence you need to do before the buying process

- Auctioneer tricks of the trade

- The auction catalogue and what it means to you

- Profitable auction power plays

...and more!