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What You Can Expect At SuperGenius?

There is something we are all unhappy with, and it can weigh us down. I want you to come away feeling lighter/ with a goal in life

I will show you why it isn't “too late” for you. It is never too late to be happy

How to create Wealth through being Unique and Innovation. Your Intuition and Imagination will Guarantee Success. Unleash your Genius in your Business and Life

How to overcome you Unconscious Self Sabotage and master Self Awareness and Purpose

What you will learn at SuperGenius 2020?

  • If you feel like something is missing but can't place it, you can uncover what is holding you back. Discovers how your thoughts are sabotaging your dreams.
  • Your 13 core beliefs that shapes the relationships in your life. With this you can grow relationships that are fulfilling
  • That it’s never too late to love life, even if you have little time or money to unleash your full potential.

Why Join SuperGenius?

  • Life- leverage your life as it is to create a life of your wildest dreams
  • Business- have a better relationship with you work- don’t feel sad about working
  • Relationships- Learn the 13 core beliefs that make up your life, and use them to have better relationships

Who Is Your Host Ryan Pinnick?

Ryan Pinnick is one of the UK’s most in demand speakers empowering audiences to in applying superconsciousness to improve their careers, businesses, investments, relationships, healing and lifestyle. He has shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Lord Sugar, Grant Cardone, Andrea Pennington, Lewis Howes, Fabienne Fredrickson and David Goggins.

Ryan moved from Cape Town to London in 2000 as an electrical engineer but his entrepreneurial spirit led him to leaving employment to start a business in real estate during which he had many successes and failures.

It was his passion for human behaviour and spiritual purpose that lead him to discovering superconsciousness which for him, was the missing link to creating what he wanted in all areas of life. In 2014 he committed fully to teaching superconsciousness by launching his training company SuperGenius with his unique methodology.