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About BingBing

Bingbing has many job titles, mother of two crazy boys, entrepreneur, coach/mentor, property investor, financial and joint venture strategist, wife, daughter, cousin, supportive (hopefully) friend, armature yogi (working on her headstand), keen runner...

But first and foremost, she is... Bingbing, founded multi-million £ property business, passionate about entrepreneurship and actively investing in start-ups.  

Yet, her journey to the business world was totally unexpected. Born in a poverty-striken family in China during the very communist days when meals were bought with coupons, she studied and worked her way out of China, then Singapore, The Netherlands and eventually, the UK. 

She always thought, life has one path: study hard, get good grades then good jobs, work hard to keep your job, get married, have children, pay off mortgage... tadah, you can claim success.   

If life didn't throw her a curveball in the form of a child with special needs, she would have stayed in her hibernation as a "high-flying" employee forever. But life did and after paying A LOT for therapy, life's path completely changed.